The First Pre-marriage Program 

Why Should I Marry?

The decision to marry is a highly personal one and can vary based on individual values, beliefs, and circumstances. Here are some common reasons why people choose to marry:

Companionship: Marriage often provides a deep and meaningful companionship. It can be a partnership where you share your life with someone, facing challenges together and celebrating successes.

Emotional Support: A spouse can provide emotional support during difficult times. Having a committed partner can offer a sense of security and comfort.

Shared Goals and Values: Marriage can be a way to build a life with someone who shares your goals, values, and vision for the future. It can create a strong foundation for a family.

Legal and Financial Benefits: Marriage can come with legal and financial advantages, such as tax benefits, inheritance rights, and access to healthcare and other benefits.

Cultural or Religious Reasons: For many people, marriage is a cultural or religious institution. It may be seen as a sacred or traditional commitment.

Raising Children: If you plan to have children, marriage can provide a stable environment for raising a family. It can offer children a sense of security and a stable family structure.

Social and Community Recognition: Marriage is often recognized and celebrated by society, providing a sense of belonging and community support.

Personal Growth: Some individuals believe that marriage contributes to personal growth and development. The challenges and compromises involved in a marriage can lead to personal maturity.

It's important to note that while marriage can bring many benefits, it's not the right choice for everyone. Some people find fulfillment and happiness in other forms of relationships or choose to remain single. Ultimately, the decision to marry should be based on your own values, desires, and the unique dynamics of your relationship. Communication with your partner and careful consideration of your own goals and values are crucial in making this important decision.