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We were the first company to introduce pre-marriage inventories to the Church beginning in 1974.

Our goal is to assist in answering questions and confronting issues Couples may have PRIOR to marriage.

Taking a premarriage inventory can offer several benefits for couples considering marriage:
1. Enhanced Communication: Premarriage inventories typically include questions on various aspects of the relationship, such as communication styles, conflict resolution, financial management, family background, and personal values. Going through these questions together can encourage open and honest communication between partners, helping them better understand each other's perspectives, expectations, and concerns.
2. Identifying Strengths and Areas for Growth: The inventory can help couples identify their relationship strengths and areas where they may need to put in more effort or seek support. This self-awareness can be valuable in building a strong foundation for the marriage and addressing potential challenges proactively.
3. Conflict Resolution Skills: By discussing potential areas of disagreement or conflict beforehand, couples can develop strategies for resolving conflicts constructively. Learning how to navigate disagreements effectively can prevent conflicts from escalating and damaging the relationship in the future.
4. Alignment of Expectations: Premarriage inventories often include questions about individual expectations regarding roles, responsibilities, children, career aspirations, and lifestyle preferences. Clarifying and aligning these expectations before marriage can reduce misunderstandings and conflicts down the road.
5. Insight into Compatibility: While no inventory can predict the success or failure of a marriage with certainty, it can provide valuable insights into the compatibility of the couple. Identifying areas of compatibility as well as potential areas of tension can help couples make more informed decisions about their future together.
6. Professional Guidance: Many premarriage inventories are administered by trained professionals, such as counselors or therapists. These professionals can offer guidance, support, and personalized recommendations based on the results of the inventory, helping couples address specific issues and strengthen their relationship.